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Accounting Basics for Managers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Bookkeeping Basics for Managers - Essay Example In the monetary year 2012, Home Depot shows noteworthy development both monetarily and operationally. In the monetary year 2011, Home Depot income expanded by 3.53% to a striking $ 70,395 million which has brought about the working benefit expanded by 14.08%. Following its operational development technique, Home Depot has presented decent variety in its business. The organization is indicating enthusiasm for covering all the skylines of the globe by opening an ever increasing number of stores in different zones of the globe as it wanting to serve a various scope of clients. Net overall revenue is one of the key productivity proportion markers which demonstrate how well an organization is using its working capital in winning the ideal degree of benefit. So as to ascertain the gross overall revenue proportion, the gross benefit (i.e., deals less the expense of deals) is separated by the income of the organization. As obvious, the gross benefit of the organization has expanded somewhat from the past monetary year which could be because of the way that the expense of deals of the organization expanded with a greater rate when contrasted with the level of the income of the organization. This could be because of expanded crude materials costs from the provider which the organization couldn't recuperate from the clients through expanded selling cost. The following benefit marker is the net revenue. The net overall revenue is determined by partitioning the net benefit (i.e., net benefit less authoritative and selling use) with the all out income.

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Music for the Mind Analysis and Response

Music for the Mind The reason for this article was to illuminate and disclose to people the entirety of the few different ways for individuals to appreciate music just as to elucidate that the perusers ought to take a stab at an increasingly dynamic kind of tuning in. It demonstrated the effect music can have on the lives of individuals. Aaron Copland said that even â€Å"One note is sufficient to change the environment of the room† (599). This exposition was composed for pretty much everyone, with knowing about course, in light of the fact that most everybody tunes in to music. In any event, for the not many that don't tune in to music frequently, this could maybe convince them to tune in to music .This was introduced in an innovative paper type position. The various kinds of music and finish of this paper are instances of proof to help the reason. Copland referenced â€Å"We all tune in to music on three separate planes†¦ (1) the arousing plane, (2) the expressive plan e, (3) the sheerly melodic plane† (599). Copland additionally says that the peruser ought to take a stab at a progressively dynamic sort of listening paying little mind to what kind of music you tune in to (603). In any case, the creator likewise referenced that numerous individuals who might typically view themselves as qualified music darlings misuse the primary plane when listening.This creator successfully utilizes these interests viably with rationale. This writer utilized a progressively target sort of language in his article. The proof in this paper underpins the cases through practices individuals experience while tuning, recorded as a hard copy, or performing music. The proof covers the points of view related with the 3 planes, however nothing else. I felt this article was very elegantly composed. I delighted in the article, as I was locked in during it. Any individual who tunes in or performs music can without much of a stretch identify with this article and become c onnected with into it. The association of this exposition additionally encourages individuals to be consumed by this essay.The language all through this article isn't excessively formal, however not awfully casual. It was the ideal middle wherein you could peruse and effectively identify with the exposition. Copland was spellbinding all through this article. I concur with this exposition. This exposition particularly permits you to think and acknowledge music such that you may have never contemplated. Actually, as an artist, I once in a while will in general tune in to music in the third, musicality plane. I appreciate tuning in to the little subtleties in tunes and bits of music. Without the little subtleties in melodies, they would not sound as aptivating as they may be. Notwithstanding, I didn't understand I was tuning in to music in this third plane until I read this article. I concur with the creator when he asserts that a few people misuse the arousing quality plane of tuning in by going to shows so as to lose themselves. These people use music as a relief of a departure. They enter an existence where one doesn't need to consider reality. Obviously, these people are not in any event, pondering the music. Rather, they dream as a result of and by chance of the music yet never fully tuning in to it (599).I can identify with the creator when he starts to discuss the subsequent plane, the expressive plane. All music has expressive force. Obviously, some music will have substantially more than others, behind the entirety of the notes, verses, is the thing that the music is about. Copland expresses that there is an importance to music, anyway he can't express that significance. I concur on the grounds that all music will have various implications. A need energy about music once in a while handicaps one’s capacity to associate with the music. The third plane, the sheerly melodic plane, additionally identifies with me.While taking music hypothesis I and II in secondary school, we were advised to form our own tunes, which permitted me to see how the sheerly music plane functions much better. Numerous audience members don't know about this third plane when they are making the most of their music. Now and then, I will stop and consider how the notes are assembled, and attempt to figure the interims between notes. Beside the physical notes, different pieces of the sheer musicality are beat, elements, scales, and significantly more. It is imperative to turn out to be progressively alive to music on its melodic plane.This paper was the most pleasant to peruse in light of how well I had the option to interface with it with a past contained such a large amount of music. Prior to perusing this article, I didn't exactly consider the entirety of the various planes of tuning in to music and how they all connect to one another. I got myself, subsequent to perusing this article, ready to interface with every single plane of music that Copland refe renced. I, obviously, will regularly tune in to music and appreciate it in the sexy plane. I additionally can take a gander at music from a composer’s purpose of in light of the fact that I have composed and recorded my own song.However, alongside this, I concur with the creator where numerous entertainers don't get into the music totally on the grounds that they are too stressed over the notes and rhythms, they appear to overlook what the tune is about. At last, I can likewise identify with the third plane since I have a past with music and I can choose certain notes, rhythms, and subtleties in melodies that add such a great amount of detail to the tune. Generally speaking, I trust Copland worked superbly in the composition of this article. Works Cited Copland, Aaron. The Norton Reader. New York: W. W. Norton and Company, 2012. Print.

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Marketing_2 Example

Marketing_2 Example Marketing_2 â€" Essay Example > AbstractMarketing management is very essential for any business organization. This is because it entails aspects that guide a business towards the desired success. Marketing management is achieved through proper customer relations which in turn, lead to profits maximization for the organization. The paper explores the concepts used in marketing management and how they are used for the purpose of making profits as well as satisfying the customers. This is in relation to Coca Cola Company which focuses on the manufacture of soft drinks both locally and internationally. The needs of the customers have also been discussed in the report and it mainly acts as the benchmark for the marketing concepts used by the company. The approach used during the research was mainly interviewing the marketing team of the company for the purpose of obtaining relevant and accurate data. Literature review was also utilized during the research. The report was able to establish that the company utilizes ei ght of the most important marketing concepts which have led to the success of the company. It was established that the company has been able to satisfy its customers through proper marketing and coming up with products required by the customers. The report concludes by stating that the marketing concepts are important in terms of achieving the aims and objectives of a business organization. The report also recommends that the company should put in place measures to exploit new markets and also enhance the product lifecycle so as to satisfy the customers better. These are concepts that are important in marketing and lead to success of an organization as discussed in the paper. IntroductionMarketing involves delivering the needs of customers satisfactorily with the aims of making profits (Gary, 2008). The marketing process is complex in nature and it involves various parties. The main parties are consumers and the sellers. Marking entails various components and concepts that require a lot of attention and analysis for a company or business enterprise to succeed. The market environment is an important consideration before engaging in the marketing process. This involves thorough analysis of all the stakeholders and players in the sector. Strategies are also important during marketing as it determines the ability to influence customers and satisfy them. Buying behavior is also an important concept during marketing as it acts as a guide to the process. The buying behavior of customers is an important determining factor for the success of any product in the market. The marketing process also involves business to business and the use of information technology also plays an important role during marketing. The marketing concepts are mainly for the purpose of ensuring that the business organization or company achieves its main goals and objectives which in most cases is customer satisfaction. The paper thus discuses the marketing concepts in relation to Coca Cola c ompany which is among the most successful multinationals due to its effective marketing concepts (Coca cola Company, 2012). Literature ReviewAccording to Adcock (2001), marketing management is considered as one of the major elements of business. This is because it focuses on the customer relations and the operations of a business organization. Emphasis in this topic is however, on the customer satisfaction and the means of attaining it. The marketing management mainly emphasizes the need for business to shift from production to focus on the customer needs and satisfaction. With this, the marketing management concepts explain how customer focus can be profitable to the organization. The marketing concepts also emphasizes that the only way of achieving organizational goals and objectives is through customer satisfaction. The marketing concepts thus interconnect a variety of issues that are applicable during marketing. The concepts also ensure that the business enterprise becomes prof itable while the customer gets satisfied or they receive value for their money (Chekitan, 2005).

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy Essay - 1555 Words

JFK John Fitzgerald Kennedy (Jack) was born in Brooklyn Massachusetts on May 29, 1917, to Joseph Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald, who were the children of Patrick Kennedy and John Fitzgerald (Honey Fitz), whose parents both emigrated from Ireland in 1858. Honey Fitz was governor of Boston and served on the House of Representatives. Both men were influential in politics. Joseph and Rose Kennedy had nine children: Joseph Jr., John, Rosemary, Kathleen, Eunice, Patricia, Robert, Jean, and Edward (Teddy). They set up a million dollar trust fund for each of their children for their education, so that they would never have to worry. This let them devote their lives to public good. The parents divided supper into two†¦show more content†¦John wrote a collection of tributes to him. In 1948, Kathleen was also killed in a plane crash. Joe’s death affected John deeply, because he had wanted a career in politics, but couldn’t because his brother had chosen that field. When Joe died, John decided to go into politics because it was his natural calling. He decided to run for the 11th district Massachusetts House of Representatives seat. The district was predominantly Democratic, and so was Kennedy, so he was sure to win. His family came to his side to help him. He defeated eight other candidates. He was reelected in 1938 a nd 1950. His back injury continued to bother him. He ran for senate in 1952. His family gathered once again to help him. He won by a landslide. He was one of a few Democrats to be elected. John helped pass many bills important to his home state’s textile industry. In Washington, D.C., John met his future wife, Jacqueline Lee Bouvier. They were married on September 12, 1953. Jackie was born on July 28, 1929, in Southampton, Long Island, New York. She attended private schools in America and Paris. Caroline, their daughter was born in 1957 and John Jr. was born on November 25, 1960, 17 days after John was elected for President. John’s back still gave him a lot of pain. He had a series of operations to correct the problems in 1954. In 1955, he wrote a book about courageous senators, entitled Profiles in Courage. ItShow MoreRelatedJOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY Essay2632 Words   |  11 Pagespresident, John F. Kennedy, astonished the nation with his boldness to pledge a better future for not just his country but as well to the world. On this day he took an oath, declared his leadership and ushered the country to do the same. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born into a politically influential Boston family of Irish-Catholics, in Brookline, Massachusetts on May 29, 1917. He was named after his maternal grandfather, John Francis Fitzgerald who was the Boston mayor known as Honey Fitz. John wasRead More John Fitzgerald Kennedy Essay2877 Words   |  12 PagesJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy John Fitzgerald Kennedy 35th president of the United States, the youngest person ever to be elected president. He was also the first Roman Catholic president and the first president to be born in the 20th century. Kennedy was assassinated before he completed his third year as president. Therefore his achievements were limited. Nevertheless, his influence was worldwide, and his handling of the Cuban Missile Crisis may have prevented war. Young people especiallyRead MoreEssay on John Fitzgerald Kennedy1719 Words   |  7 Pages nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;On the sunny morning of November 22, 1963 the United States lost a great leader, man, and the 35th president, John F. Kennedy. No one really knows the reasons behind the assassination or who actually killed JFK. JFK was one of the most liked presidents by the people because of his age and his looks. If, on that friday morning, no one had pulled a trigger we may have had a change in our current history. The United States may have never become as involved in the VietnamRead MoreThe Assassination Of John Fitzgerald Kennedy1632 Words   |  7 PagesMorgan Oates Professor Holland United States History II 3 March 2015 The Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy John Fitzgerald Kennedy, formally known as JFK, was born on May 29th, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. He successfully attended Choate Boarding School and his Alma Mater was Harvard University, After completing his education he decided he wanted to help society somehow. As a result of that, he enlisted in the United States Army the night before World War two began. After his Navy daysRead MoreJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy And Joseph Kennedy1796 Words   |  8 PagesJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy was born to Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy and Joseph Kennedy on May 29th 1917. Jack was born into an Irish Catholic family who resided in Brookline, Massachusetts, a suburb of Boston. His great grandparents had emigrated from Ireland and worked hard to become successful against the prejudice for the Irish. His namesake, his maternal grandfather became the mayor of Boston. Jake was the second oldest in a family of nine children. He grew up in a family that was very wealthy andRead MoreThe Legacy Of John F itzgerald Kennedy1748 Words   |  7 PagesInaugurated in January of 1961, John Fitzgerald Kennedy (or â€Å"JFK†) was the youngest president to ever hold office, as well as the first catholic. Following a heroic tour in the Navy during World War II, with the backing of his father’s immense wealth JFK abandoned a career in journalism to fulfill his deceased brother’s dream of becoming the first catholic president (Freidal and Sidey). After writing two best-selling books and rapidly advancing through political offices, Kennedy ran for president in theRead MoreThe Legacy Of John Fitzgerald Kennedy1839 Words   |  8 Pages â€Å"Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future† (Matuz 574). John Fitzgerald Kennedy believed that change is inevitable. It was going to happen not matter what and will affect and alter life, but if one dwells on the past they will miss out on all of the good things chang e will bring you in the future. Which represents JFK’s presidency, he always focused on the conflict in front of him and did what he could to improve the nation. As oneRead MoreJfk, By John Fitzgerald Kennedy832 Words   |  4 Pages On the cold blustery snow covered day of January 20, 1961, John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) participated in the 44th presidential inauguration, when he was sworn in as the 35th President of The United States of America. The inauguration was almost canceled, as a result of the nor’easter, which pummeled the nation’s capital hours before. In order for the inauguration to proceed as planned, The U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, thousands of D.C. employees and almost 1,700 boy scouts worked feverously to clearRead MoreJohn Fitzgerald Kennedy Essay2027 Words   |  9 Pages nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;John Fitzgerald Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States. He was the youngest president ever to be elected, the first Roman Catholic president, and the first president to be born in the 20th century. Although, he didnt get the chance to live out his term and possible another one, he changed the entire world. No other president was so popular, especially with the young people. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;John F. Kennedy was born May 29th, 1917, child ofRead MoreThe Assassination Of John Fitzgerald Kennedy873 Words   |  4 PagesThe assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, also known as JFK, is one of the most infamous and tragic events in American history. JFK was one of the United States’ most influential politicians, and in the year 1961 he was appointed to be president. Less than a thousand days later, JFK was assassinated in Dallas, Texas, by gunman Lee Harvey Oswald. JFK was beloved both by many Americans and those abroad, and thus his death came as a terrible shock to many across the globe. JFK was a great and stalwart

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Poem Analysis Beowulf - 906 Words

Kaleigh Della Grotta Ms. Murphy British Literature .2A Period C September 26, 2017 Beowulf Creative Writing Assignment Speech Honoring Beowulf I, Hrothgar, King of the Danes, built this mead hall to show everyone that Herot is the best mead hall to ever be created. Herot is a place for us to have celebrations where we eat, drink, and listen to poems shared all evening long. For countless nights Herot was your home where you would all fall fast asleep. As nights went on and things started to change we went about our lives living in fear as a sign that Herot was under attack. As you all know Grendel, a powerful monster, living in the darkness waited impatiently until you all fell asleep. Grendel hated the loudness and cheerfulness†¦show more content†¦His plan was to bring victory back to Herot and defeat the monstrous Grendel. Many people have seen Beowulf’s strengths and he is the best choice for this battle. In his past victories, he had chased five great giants who were tangled up in chains from the earth, he swims in the darkness of night, searching for monsters and driving them out of the ocean to be victorious in killing them all. This battle was Beowulf’s calling to defeat Grendel and he wasn’t planning on giving up until his goal was achieved. On the night that Beowulf arrived Beowulf awaited for the return of Grendel while we were nowhere near the premises. Grendel departed from his lair traveling to Herot with the intention of feasting on human flesh of my men not knowing what he would be encountering. Grendel set his attention to the first Geat he laid eyes on ripping him to shreds. Beowulf was in Grendel’s path of destruction when Grendel finally reached him. The rest of Beowulf’s men sprang up from the ground ready to protect Beowulf from what was about to happen. Infact, Beowulf did not need any protection. Beowulf then grasped onto Grendel’s arm never letting go, using all his might to defeat Grendel and never losing hope. Moments later, Grendel was suffering in desperation to flee. Grendel knew that there was no hope in overcoming Beowulf’s strength. As a symbol of triumph Grendel’s arm, claw, and shoulder are now hanging high in the mead hall for everyone to see thatShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Poem Beowulf 851 Words   |  4 Pagesoffers literary analysis of Beowulf, the oldest epic poem that has survived in English literature. It is also widely known as the earliest surviving piece of literatures in vernacular European Literature. The language of this poem is Old English, spoken by Saxon people. This poem depicts a traditional story that is a part of oral Germanic tradition. As per experts, this is work of a single poet and was composed in then England. It has been determined by the scholars that this poem was written betweenRead MorePoem Analysis : Beowulf 1619 Words   |  7 PagesBen Sparrow Ms. Finkelstein Honors English IV September 5, 2015 Beowulf is renowned as the oldest poem written in the English language, thought to be written over 1500 years ago this epic poem is still being heavily studied and compared to modern literature regularly. The protagonist, named Beowulf is a great warrior whose called to defend the Danes from the vicious attack of many monsters. Many would label this call to action as the start of his hero’s journey, although it isn’t an ancient conceptRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Beowulf 3700 Words   |  15 PagesJames Quimby Mrs. Morris AP English 2 September 2014 Summer Reading Assignment Beowulf 1. This epic poem is one of the first works composed in the English language. It also tells us about the Anglo-Saxon people who lived in England and their culture. What values did these people support? What ideals did they try to live by? How do their values compare to our values today? Try to find similarities between our culture and this ancient culture. Use examples from text to support your points. The Anglo-SaxonRead More An Analysis of the Epic Poem, Beowulf - Characterization of Beowulf1918 Words   |  8 PagesCharacterization of Beowulf  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚         The dialogue, action and motivation revolve about the characters in the poem (Abrams 32-33). It is the purpose of this essay to demonstrate the types of characters present in the anonymously written Anglo-Saxon poem, Beowulf - whether static or dynamic, whether flat or round, and whether protrayed through showing or telling.    At the very outset of the poem the reader is introduced, through â€Å"telling† by the scop, to Scyld Scefing, forefatherRead More An Analysis of the Epic Poem, Beowulf - Social Codes in Beowulf910 Words   |  4 PagesSocial Codes in Beowulf   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚      In reading Beowulf, one cannot help noticing the abundance of references to weapons and armor throughout the text. Many passages involving weapons and armor contain important messages that the author is trying to convey. These passages involve the choice to use or refrain from using arms, the practice of disarming oneself upon entering anothers home, and the idea of a mans worth being measured by his weaponsRead More An Analysis of the Arguably Unified Poem, Beowulf Essay example2971 Words   |  12 PagesAn Analysis of the Arguably Unified Poem, Beowulf Beowulf as a less than unified work, more important for its historical and philological content than its literary merit, and critics after him regard Beowulf as a unified work of art. For example, of the critics who discuss the poem as a whole in An Anthology of Beowulf Criticism, most agree pace Tolkien that Beowulf is a unified poem, even if they argue so on different grounds. Burton Raffels introduction to his own translation offers aRead MoreAn Analysis of Grendel Based on the Classic Poem Beowulf922 Words   |  4 PagesGrendel based on classic poem Beowulf in which there is three main characters the mother the dragon and the Grendel. Not only Grendel but other two characters too represent alien world evils. Grendel is analyzed here to assess if he is man, monster or a notion. THESIS STATEMENT Is Grendel a man, monster or a notion? THE FIGHT WITH GRENDEL The idea of Grendel is based on a poem Beowulf. The story revolves around the fight between good and evil in the life. Beowulf was the hero who faced threeRead More An Analysis of the Epic Poem, Beowulf - Anglo-Saxon Customs and Values Reflected in Beowulf1791 Words   |  8 PagesAnglo-Saxon Customs and Values Reflected in Beowulf      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Readers today approach the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf with cultural preconceptions very different from those expressed by the author of this poem. This essay hopes to enlighten the modern reader regarding the customs and values from the time of the poem’s composition.      Beowulf makes reference to Ingeld and his wife and the coming Heathobard feud:      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   inRead MoreHistorical Analysis Of Of Beowulf s Poem, Beowulf, Sir Gawain, King Arthur And Other Legends918 Words   |  4 PagesAnglo-Saxon monsters and takes us on a journey to a time where writers try to tackle modern problems. Along the way we come across characters such as Beowulf, Sir Gawain, King Arthur and other legends who remain a vital part of popular culture. History offers us a variety of heroes and legends that we can read and learn about. The historical poem of Beowulf not only reveals to us the importance cultural values of the warrior society, but also the importance of literature. The warrior culture at thisRead MoreBeowulf And The Anglo Saxon Period1740 Words   |  7 PagesBeowulf The original poem, Beowulf, goes back to the Anglo-Saxon period in c. 650 and c.1100. Authors translated Beowulf many times in the Anglo-Saxon period to present day. It displays how a hero should be in the real world. He helps the people in the village and slays monsters. Everyone in the village looks up to him as he acts as if he were a role model. Beowulf, the protagonist in the translated Beowulf by Seamus Heaney, is a hero of his village, stands for bravery, strong will, and nobleness

Soft Skill Free Essays

string(77) " to wonder about how what the other persons is telling you is impacting you\." Soft Skills That Is Important For University Students. Introduction. â€Å"Soft skills refer to the cluster of personality traits social graces, facility with language, personal habit, friendliness and optimism that mark people to verifying degrees. We will write a custom essay sample on Soft Skill or any similar topic only for you Order Now Soft skills complement hard skills, which are the requirement of job† (Wikipedia, 2007). Communicating, conflict management, human relations, making presentations, negotiating, team building and other such ability defined in terms of expected outcomes and not as a specific method or technique such as statistical analysis. Soft skills have its own dimension and it is based on one`s perceptual attitude. Mostly how he or she shows interest in things around him or her and reacts to that. No premature thoughts should occupy the mind and it should be flow freely from the cognitive reactions. This is a given from God. Course on human relations and dealing effectively with subordinate’s are often included. The soft skills might include maintain eye contact when speaking with the people. Soft skills can`t really be taught as a course on its own. One picks up leaderships qualities. Soft skills have more to do with who we are than what we know. As such, soft skills encompass the character traits that decide how well one interacts with others, and are usually a definite part of one’s personality. Whereas hard skills can be learned and perfected over time, soft skills are more difficult to acquire and change. Soft skills often relates to the abilities such as communication, team work and leadership skill. What I would typically include as parts of the soft skills package include good manners as well as a positive and pleasant disposition. Many students, who are not aware of the importance of leadership skills in his career, would prefer to be the â€Å"followers† when getting involved in co-curricular activities both in and out of school. Some are natural leaders, some are not, and they don`t know â€Å"the how†, perhaps â€Å"lacks of confidence† to lead, or could be due to â€Å"lack of interests† in giving ideas and brainstorming activities. However, if the students must do a practical assignment that will determine his marks, that will also test his leaderships, human interaction skills, then the students will be more â€Å"alert† of the importance of â€Å"soft skills†. Soft skills can be taught and learnt as well. However, at the end of the day it is the student who decides whether he/she will practice what was preached. The lack of soft skills in student in Malaysia is due to a combination of factors. What is more difficult is some of these factors are bigger for some students. It does start with our education system that make pitiful attempt to address the issue. What is difficult about soft skills is that it developing it work differently for different people and hence a mas-education system is ill-suited to address the worst of the problem. Example of the soft skills that’s important for university student. There are three examples of the soft skills: 1. Communication skills The first important soft skills is, good in communication skills. Effective of communication skills can be some of the most important skills we can learn. Communication is involvers both listening and speaking. The person in a good communication must have an open mind and idea to make people like to easy to understand. Influence a negotiating skill. Good negotiating skills are inherent these skills must be learned and practice in a verity situation. Listen carefully to the arguments and clarify the issue and also plan for the alternative outcome. Good communication skills. Good communication skills are having effective communication and communication will certainly increase the opportunities to find in a university. The communication skills may include body language. Do not shy away from the person whom you are speaking. Be sure to maintain a relaxed, but not slouching posture, regardless whether you are on speaking or listening. Make an eye contact and be aware what your body is saying. Body language can says so much more than a mouthful of words, and open stance with arm relaxed at your sides tells everyone around you that you are approachable and open to hear what they have to say. Communication is successful only when both the sender and receiver understand the same information. â€Å"Good communication skills are what separate the distinguished, from the good, from the indifferent teacher. The distinguished teacher delivers the message with enthusiasm, ensures that it is understood, and has it remembered; the good teacher delivers the message with enthusiasm and ensures that it is understood; while the indifferent teacher merely delivers the message† (Zemke R, Raines C, Filipcak B, 2000) 2. Critical thinking The second important soft skills are the good critical thinking. For the university student, it`s required evidence and follow the evidence leads. Critical thinking is more concern with finding and explanation that being apparent confusion and asking question. It also makes people understand logical connection. Critical thinking should not be confused with being argument. â€Å"This research has direct implications for undergraduates and curriculum builders in tertiary education. The study sets out to discover respondents’ perceptions of their own abilities in critical thinking strategies and their perceptions on the importance of these strategies in their future employments† (Shah, N. Z. 2007). 3. Good listening skills The third important in soft skills is good listening skills. When you are really listening, you demonstrate your interest in what being said and you show your respect for the individual saying it. Leaderships skills. Leader want teams to get better, but often don`t set specific goal annual improvement. Listening is an essential part of communication and it is different from hearing. Being a good and patient listener helps not only solve many problems at university or home, but also to see the world through the eyes of others, thereby opening understanding and enhancing the capacity for empathy. How to be a good listener? Place yourself in the other person`s shoes. It is often too easy to wonder about how what the other persons is telling you is impacting you. You read "Soft Skill" in category "Papers" Active listening is not about inward thinking. Instead you must look at the problem from the other person`s perspective and effectively try to see his or her point of view. Stop talking and try to be silent. Likewise, many think that empathy means sharing with the listener similar experiences that the listener has had. Both can be helpful, put a side your own needs and went for the other person to talk at their own pace. Remove distractions. Good listener means willing to turn off the television, close the door or stop reading the mail. Give the speaker your full attention and let them know they are getting your full attention. Give no sign you are ready to respond during conversation, wait 2 seconds after the person finish speaking to make sure they have finished their thought. Watch your own emotions. If what they are saying creates an emotional response in you, be extra carefully, with attention to the intent and full meaning of their words. Make a comments, answered questions. When their stop or pauses, you can be a good listener by making comments. When people are angry, they usually want to be heard and understood. What they don`t want in return in critism, patronizing comment, denial of their feelings or attacks on their position or personality. One of the reasons why some university are not well in good listener is because they do not listen. Listening skills start with paying attention. Not interested to hear other people problems. People who just keep on blabbing or practice take listening are thinking I’m smarter then you and I know what you`re going to tell me, so let make this really efficient for both of them. I won`t have to listen and we can get to really important part of the conversation, that`s why some student are become a bad listener. â€Å"This study aimed to assess whether effective listening was associated with leadership emergence in a small group situation. Findings showed that these two attributes where positively related suggesting that emergent leaders may possess good listening skills† (Johnson S. D. and Belcher C. ). Why soft skill is so importance. The soft skills are importance for the university student is easy to understand the subject. A student must develop specific generic skills like reading, writing, speaking, listening and presentation positive attitude, etiquette and manners. They must learn to manage themselves understand their strengths and weakness. With the soft skill student and tutor are close and easy to communicate and take an explanation. Many fields are becoming ever increasingly competitive. Clearing a job interview requires much more then academic and an impressive resume. Many a times we come across people who fail to make to the top in spite processing the best of technical knowledge. Soft skill are shaping human being`s personality. The people who are good in soft skills like a role model to the colleagues. They were like to share and close to this person. Soft skills are qualities like making a friend easily, being punctual or being able to both hard. Reduce gap between tutor and student. A tutor helping students to improves their soft skills. Soft skills in that sense are just technical skills. We need to practice them to keep them sharp. Demonstrate effective classroom leadership skills, communicate professionally with student and provide opportunities’ for them to improve in areas they work. It truly is a win-win for both tutor and student. Soft skill can make them to be leaderships. Being equipped with leadership skills allow you to be groomed for bigger roles in times to come. In the present role, you could be seen as an employee with potential and be given more importance task to perform. There is persuasive evidence that cooperative teams achieve at higher levels of thought and retain information longer than students who work quietly as individuals. The shared learning gives students an opportunity to engage in discussion, take responsibility for their own learning, and thus become critical thinkers† (Totten, Sills, Digby, Russ, 1991). Why some un iversity students are not well equipped in soft skill. Why communication skills are not well equipped in soft skill is because some of students write well, but they are not able to express themselves orally. They are not confidence on communication in English and very limited vocabulary. While conversing in English with someone give importance to the massage and do not be occupied with grammatical accuracy. If they are much worried about grammar and pronunciations errors, they will not develop fluency kill the language without fear. Some people are comfortable speaking among themselves and do not compare with other people. No one was born with all the language skills required for effective communication. They must confident and trust themselves that they can do it. This is in fact the first and foremost primary step to being good communicator. Given here are some of the barriers that occur in communicating effectively. Understanding these barriers will help one comprehend examples of communicating skills. Some are having problems with their body language and difficult to maintain eye contact whenever you are in conversation with someone, keep the majority of your focus on the other person. If have a difficulty knowing exactly how to make eye contact, you can benefit from practicing in front of the mirror or with other person. But if eye contact and body language is been your bad habit to share intently into the eyes of people without looking away. You have been making your conversation partners very uncomfortable. The fact is that one needs to constantly work towards developing effective communication skills. And primarily they need to overcome the barriers to effective communication. And this can be done when they are aware of the barriers and shortcomings. Critical thinking skills give students the ability to not only understand what they have read or been shown but also to build upon that knowledge without incremental guidance. Critical thinking teaches students that knowledge is fluid and builds upon itself. It is not simply rote memorization or the ability to absorb lessons unquestioningly. Critical thinking is thinking that assesses itself. To the extent that students need us to tell them how well they are doing, they are not thinking critically. Didactic instruction makes students overly dependent on the tutor. Because of the importance of self-assessment to critical thinking, it is important to bring it into the structural design of the course and not just leave it to episodic tactics. Virtually every day, for example, students should be giving (to other students) and receiving (from other students) feedback on the quality of their work. They should be regularly using intellectual standards in an explicit way. This should be designed into instruction as a regular feature of it. Why team working skill also not equipped in university is because conversations can be misconstrued and others in a team may slack off more than expected. Some leave things to the last minute and don’t make proper use of team members when not meeting face to face. Explain their own ideas. All the group members agree on what needs to be done and by whom and able to give their own ideas by sharing with the team member. The problem will solve by helping from group discussion. Some people don’t have internet at home so can’t communicate very well when have to do assignments. Some students do not wish to cooperate and not everyone has an internet connection of the same speed and the same level of access making it not so desirable for use or collaboration on what it seems to be designed for. Teamwork is defined in Webster’s New World Dictionary as â€Å"a joint action by a group of people, in which each person subordinates his or her individual interests and opinions to the unity and efficiency of the group. This does not mean that the individual is no longer important; however, it does mean that effective and efficient teamwork goes beyond individual accomplishments. The most effective teamwork is produced when all the individuals involved harmonize their contributions and work towards a common goal. Express their feeling. Good team member also have a sense of humour and know how to have fun. Listen carefully to others. There is a time and a time to listen and the time to listen come twice as often find us so concerned about what they here to say. While providing and requesting feedback is vital to team success, most avoid doing so because it feels uncomfortable or embarrassing. However, successful companies capitalize on the opportunity to examine those contributions that will make the team more effective, by creating a culture of conversation. Why some university students are not well with the teamwork skill is because some of the student is not confident by themselves and some of student impresses their self-negative feedback without being too offended to continue. Also some of the attitude of student is poor, and there are not professional in applying soft skills in their life as a student. Suggestion. I suggest that for future graduates, and government bodies is to improve their teaching about soft skills. Opinion expressed by the student indicate that the team project helps to improves their communication and negotiation skills among the student to developed soft skills based on formal and informal activities at the university level. And their also have to active in the seminar and conference to make the soft skills is more effective. Tutor also should show their soft skills to the student to be role model to them. I also like to purpose for university and others were most impressed by the ability of our graduates to adapt themselves to any work situation, their ability to communicate clearly, their ability to solve problems, to work in groups and to contribute effectively and meaningfully to their work situations. In addition to the knowledge gained by students in their course of study, equally important is the University’s role in producing innovators. Those with whom we consulted spoke of the greater opportunities afforded to students who have opportunities to participate in research. A connection needs to be made between work experiences, appropriate work behaviour, and student learning. Work-based learning offers young people meaningful hands-on learning opportunities by connecting classroom learning with work experience. This kind of learning opportunity can help a young person make better career decisions, select more appropriate courses of study, and develop job skills relevant to future employment. Conclusion. A carefully designed and well planned education system is critical to developing such human capital. Thus, institutions of higher learning play a very important role in producing human capital that is highly knowledgeable and skilful and can meet the demands and expectations of society. The teaching and learning processes in institutions of higher learning must be capable in providing such knowledge and skills to future graduates. Most university students spend half of their academic life living in university residences on campus. As such, institutions of higher learning should use this golden opportunity to develop their soft skills. And we must do all these things in collaboration with government, the community, other institutions and the world at large. The University must continue to pursue new partnerships to ensure that our students have the exposure and opportunities they need to succeed. Reference. Johnson S. D. and Belcher C. , Small Group Research, 29 (4), Pages 452-471, August 1998, IDS 108DU, ISSN 1046-4964 Shah, N. Z. (2007). Final year students’ perceptions on their critical thinking strategies and the importance of these strategies in future employment. Retrieved September 23, 2009, from http://h08. cgpublisher. com/proposals/65/index_html Totten, S. , Sills, T. , Digby, A. , Russ, P. (1991). Cooperative learning: A guide to research. New York: Garland. Zemke R, Raines C, Filipcak B. Generations at Work: Managing the Clash of Veterans, Boomers, Xers, and Nexters in your Workplace. New York: AMACOM, 2000. http://www. ndt-ed. org/TeachingResources/ClassroomTips/Teamwork. htm How to cite Soft Skill, Papers

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Personal Response

My Papa’s Waltz, by Theodore Roethke and Those Winter Sundays, by Robert Hayden, a personal response:Advertising We will write a custom article sample on Personal Response specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More These two poems honor fathers, in very different ways, although their life circumstances may have been equally constrained by economics, opportunities, personality, education, and perhaps even ethnicity. In My Papa’s Waltz, the figure of the father repels and attracts the narrator when he comes home drunk but exhilerated. In Those Winter Sundays, the father is a remote figure, whose behavior is masked by a taciturn nature and the burden of responsibility. Each is clearly loved by their child, the narrator, although this love may have come too late to be expressed to the parent. Each poem expresses regret that the relationship was as it was rather than some other way, perhaps easier, smoother, more open, more typica l, perhaps. My Papa’s Waltz signals the problem right in the first line about whiskey breath. This is a father who drinks to excess from time to time, or perhaps regularly. The dirty palm suggests that this dad works with his hands, and works hard, in spite of occasional binges. These clearly cause family problems, reflected in the mother’s scowl. The mom in My Papa’s Waltz probably knows and fears what comes next, after the boisterous singing passes and the child is in bed. Is this a scene foreshadowing domestic abuse? Will the father beat the mother using the same hand with which he marks time? How can a child deal with such possibilities? This child hangs on, literally, to his dad’s clothes, and to prolong the event, hungry for whatever attention this father can offer. There is even the very subtle suggestion that this father’s attentions may be inappropriate: is it fun or sinister that the child is danced off to his bed? In any case, these are ambiguous memories for the narrator of My Papa’s Waltz, although they have been clung to, all the way into adulthood, like the dad’s shirt. These poems are clearly meant to be read as autobiographical – and whether or not they are entirely factual, they draw on powerful memories from a child’s perspective, like the intimate contact of ear and buckle. Perhaps they represent a mix of experiences with different adults at different times. Advertising Looking for article on american literature? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The images in My Papa’s Waltz seem too real to be entirely fabricated. Such vivid moments in early life can be mined like a gold miner panning for nuggets. In light of this, should we be protected from all negative experiences? This is probably impossible, and probably would leave us all with nothing to write about. Those Winter Mornings is a sweeter memory, although still p ainful. The narrator in this poem is also in the midst of domestic disruption. The child fears conflict in the household. This is a deterrent from early rising even stronger than the bitter cold. However, in spite of the conflict hinted at, the dad is a caring and selfless presence, building fires, shining shoes for church, after going to work in some manual labor every day. He does not express his caring and devotion in words, but in self-sacrifice. It is possible to imagine that the fire of love has been stamped down to embers in his marriage, and that this sacrifice goes on without the rewards of intimacy. Or, perhaps the austerity the poet speaks of has more to do with the economic pressure on the family. In any case, this is a loving father, whose tokens of affection were ignored by the narrator in their childhood, to their everlasting sorrow and regret Again, Those Winter Sundays this seems to be an autobiographical piece, with the immediacy of personal experience. Such bitt ersweet memories can be the source of wisdom later on: perhaps the narrator will behave differently with their own children. Perhaps the poet will learn to show appreciation and love to parents and to children from having missed out, themselves, on such things in their own childhood. Memories of the sort that are shared in this poem are instructive of how to love your family while they are alive. The father in My Papa’s Waltz reminds me of characters in some TV dramas, such as Criminal Minds and CSI. These are people who are in a lot of pain psychologically, and their behavior is shaped, or warped by that pain. Some of these characters struggle with econonimic hardship. In some cases, their pain has led them to use or abuse alcohol. Substance abuse or misuse makes it difficult to deal with them. The drug or the booze change their mood in a flash, and with no observable reason! Like the dad in My Papa’s Waltz, one never knows whether a phone call or a visit will reveal someone rational and articulate, or morose and incoherent. Advertising We will write a custom article sample on Personal Response specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The uncertainty colors all interactions with such people who are in the grip of an addiction: it is scary not to know what mood or state someone is in before visiting or calling. The persistence of the memories in My Papa’s Waltz remind us that kids absorb and remember everything, even if they don’t have words for what they see and hear. Those Winter Mornings reminds me of the differences in the ways that people show love. In some families, it is ok to express lots of affection and emotion, and in others, such demonstrations of feeling are a bit less encouraged. The narrator in Those Winter Sundays is clearly feeling guilty about their obliviousness while a child, and the way that a father’s love was taken for granted. It is too late by the time t his poem is written to let the dad know how much his solicitude and cherishing care meant to the narrator. This makes me wonder whether I express appreciation for the people in my own life clearly enough. Both these poems, encourage the reader to cherish the family and the family events that we have. It also encourages us to love family while they are here, on earth, and available to be thanked. This article on Personal Response was written and submitted by user Dorothy A. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.